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The aim of this site is to inform you about the key questions on Web design. Throughout the different sections, you will be able to know the basic functioning of this activity and you will, therefore, optimize its performance. Our intention is to give enough assessment for you to develop a fluid and informed relationship with the designer you will hire for your project. Through the apprehension of the basic knowledge, you will be capable of talking with the designer with a greater understanding and this will give you great advantages. Handling some general notions of Web design will help you understand further the proposal made by the designer during the planning of the job and, during the process you will be able to convey your ideas to the designer in a far clearer, concise and understandable way. You will not waste time having your designer explain you basic concepts in order to understand what he is talking about and you will therefore save much time and, above all, what you learn here will optimize your work, which will in turn afford you greater profits.

Web design is a fundamental tool for every company at a time when mass media (among them, Internet, of course) rule the market and set the trend of consumers. This field of design will be one of its bastions in the advertising screen within which countless companies fight for public attention. A proper development of your Web page will translate into more prestige, more fame and more profits for your business. It is a great mistake to consider Web design another advertising tool given that a Web site catches a particular range of potential clients and is, at the same time, an actual link between the public and the company. It, therefore, requires a special place and treatment.

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Within the different sections of this site you will find topics particularly dealt with that will inform you about all the things you need to know on this activity, which are indispensable for any company. About Web design will provide you a clear and precise definition of what this field of design really is and it will enumerate its main features. In What is Web design for? You will find an explanation for the corporate usefulness of this key advertising tool. In who designs a Web site? we will inform you about the professionals needed to develop your site and about the role you must play in this process. In How does a Web site benefit my company? We will explain how a well developed Web site brings greater profits. Apart from the client and designer, there are other people involved in the development of a Web site and these will be mentioned in What other people should work with my site?

Finally, in What is the relationship between Web design and other fields of design? we will deal with the interaction between Web design and other fields of design devoted to the creation of a corporate identity.

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