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In this short section, we will tell the difference between graphic design and Web design. The former is in charge of the making of corporate logos, and other elements of the corporate identity such as brochures, catalogues, presentation cards, envelopes, etc. The latter is exclusively devoted to one of the major elements of this identity that is the design of Web sites. As we have talked about a corporate IDENTITY, all the elements within it must be closely linked, must hold a criterion, be coherent among themselves.

This preservation of the criterion aims at conveying one unique message out of all the elements, though portrayed in different ways.

This presentation of the same message in several ways creates an image of the company and makes the conveying idea reach its destination in one way or the other.

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Web design, on the other hand, must focus on supporting the criterion framed by the remaining elements of a corporate identity and it must pay particularly attention to the corporate Logo. A mistake in criterion in such an important element as the Web site may be catastrophic for the image of the company. Therefore, the Web page must be developed in close interrelation with the elements deriving from graphic design. This is so because there should not be a splitting between the elements of the different fields of design: consumers must receive the same message (though in a different way) from any of the elements of the corporate identity of a particular company.

A correct Web development adapts to the standards created by the remaining elements of a corporate identity without losing its identity as a particular element. That is to say, a Web site has clear-cut distinctive features that must be respected in spite of trying to adapt it to already set standards.

If this were not so, and if the Web site did not contemplate its particular characteristics, we would have to talk about an incorrect design even if it stuck to already set standards.

To conclude, the link between both fields of design must be close but it should, however, let each one to develop individually. Under no circumstances should it be a relationship based on strength. There should not be a winner, a field that stands out, they should, rather, try to be each other’s perfect match. Web design derives from graphic design in general and carries with it that tradition, all its peculiarities will adequately separate it from its progenitor but this will not mean that it should replace it; rather, it should fill the blanks graphic design left.

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