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As we have already mentioned, in this section we will deal with those professionals involved in the development of a Web site, apart from the designer. We will not talk about the necessary intervention of the client in this process because we have already done so in section Who designs a Web site?. Here we will deal with the programmer and the SEO.

The programmer is in charge of encoding the image design performed by the Web designer into HTML (a programming language). This language is used to turn a series of images into a Web site and to make sure that all computers on earth reproduce the same page in the exact way designed by the professional you hired.

Without the job of a programmer whatever the designer did is not functional, it is not a Web page; it is a graphic file, instead. For instance, the programmer makes buttons of a page be buttons, rather than images, and as such take you to another place within the site.

The programming of a site is the last step before it is uploaded. Some Web design programs replace the programmer with a code that is automatically generated after designing in it. This is different from hiring a professional programmer given that the code generated in this type of programs is a “dirty” code, that is, it is in disorder and with mistakes that can prejudice the adequate functioning of the site. Besides, the HTML code self-generated in this programs is difficult to “read” for the search engine robots thus hampering the positioning work of the SEO.

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The SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) is in charge of placing a site in search engines, the best he can.

Search engines are Web pages indicating where the information we are looking for is, and around 90 per cent of the visits to sites come from a search done through search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. The SEO works on the design and, more particularly, with the HTML code of a site in order to optimize it and improve its position in a particular search. The SEO gives instructions to the programmer and to the designer for them to make the necessary changes to afford a company’s page a better position. The SEO works, at the same time, as a public relations representative, by obtaining links with other sites and from other sites together with other processes that improve the position of the site in search engines.

The task of the SEO is indispensable given that a badly positioned page is practically non-existent as nobody will find it.

The work of these two experts supplementing that of the designer is crucial for the correct development and functioning of your site. Their tasks are not merely the cherry of the cake: they are the cake itself. They cannot be done away with because they make the essence of a site.

However, the role of the programmer differs from that of the SEO. Although the positioning in search engines is very important for a site, its programming is what gives it birth and without it, it would not be there, it would not even be a Web site.

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