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Web design will enable a company to create or modify an Internet page. This will be an astounding advertising investment. But it will also help the company enlarge upon its sales area. This is so because Web design creates sites that work as sales agents and in an advertising way. Sites devoted to sales are known as e-commerce and they are characterized by allowing users to buy directly from there. In this section we will deal with the two benefits already mentioned.

A Web site is a wonderful advertising tool. Over the last years home internet connection has increased considerably. Consequently, and thanks to the reduction of connection costs, the use of Internet as mass media has rooted in society and the importance of having a spaced in the Net becomes indispensable. Having an Internet page serves two advertising purposes: promoting the company and avoiding a bad image. Promotion is achieved first by the very existence of the page: the fact that the public has a place where it can get to know the company and its products and services is a big added value for the company’s growth.

It is also possible to upload new offers or ongoing promotions as well as ready to print discount coupons or coupons with different contests.

The possibility, in a site, of offering ready to print elements, is pretty interesting. In so doing, the user is compelled to tour the page tracing them and will thus fully know the business. Printable invitations could also be uploaded, to submit at the entrance of an exclusive event organized by the company. This could be done, as well, with coupons of all sorts.

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In company Internet pages one can find the history of the business, its goals and its merchandise. All this raises public interest and company sales. But we have to be realistic: few people enter a Web page deliberately. They either know the name of the company they want to get to know better or simply know what they want to buy. In either case a good positioning in either Google, Yahoo, MSN … search engines is indispensable. Of course one case is more difficult than the other. Let’s think of a company called Glasgow that sells cooper wires. If a user begins his search by logging “Glasgow” in a search engine it is likely that the company site will appear within the first places of the search given that it has little competition in that search. Now, if the user logged “cooper wires” offers would be endless. Therefore, positioning is important. Positioning in search engines is carried out by the so called SEO (search engine optimizers). This consists of carrying out a series of procedures that will place the Web page within the first places of a search engine before certain searches. The importance of this is superlative given that people usually search in this way, in a very vague way, merely placing in the search bar whatever they are willing to buy. It is indispensable for a site to be correctly positioned given that otherwise it is a waste of money and an obsolete devise.

We have said that apart from promoting the company, Web sites avoid the company a bad image. A company that does not have an Internet page is considered, by its users, old fashioned at best, decadent at worst. People use Internet daily, and if a company is not there it is a very serious advertising as well as commercial mistake. That is to say, a person wants to buy something produced by one company he saw an advertisement of, he looks for it in the Internet and it does not have its own site; therefore, the user decides to consult a similar company that has a Web page where to have a look at its products and its path. This logical consequence is disastrous and must be avoided by having a good Web site.

Finally, we will deal with e-commerce sites. This sites introduce the company in the way above mentioned but with the added value that the company will be able to sell its products or services from there. The user will be able to see the products or services, know them deeply and tick or add to the shopping cart, typical of all these sites, all the products or services he wants. Should any doubt arise, the customer will merely have to send an e-mail asking about whatever he is not sure of.

To conclude, he will log in his credit card number together with some personal data and the purchase will become effective.

Companies having these sites will have to undertake to comply with and ensure that all security measures work in order to avoid fraudulent use of the data loaded by users.

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