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Who designs a Web site? It is a tricky question.

You would expect us to tell who what professional is in charge of doing it. Ok we will: the Web designer, a special graphic designer specialized in this field. However, there is another person that plays a very important role in the design of your site: you. A proper work of design depends beyond doubt on the client. Many believe that by hiring a graphic designer everything is solved, and that is not so. Holding a fluid and productive relationship with the designer, is not enough, you should also have an idea of what you want for your site.

Just to mention some pretty notorious items we could say that you should decide whether you want your site to sell your products or services, have animations, be sober or eye catching, etc. Consequently, we will now mention the steps you will have to follow in the design process. However, it should be first mentioned that the role of the designer is crucial and it must not be interfered with in an attempt to participate actively in the design of the site. This wish is valid and desirable as is patience and letting the designer work with his time and method. The site develops progressively and the designer will show you sketches more complex each time that you will approve or reject. This approval or rejection must be coupled with a justification for the decision taken and with new ideas that will be debated on with the Web designer.

designers Web sitesBefore hiring:

Before hiring a Web designer to develop your site you should consider three things. First, that your site should adapt to the corporate identity of your company, which began with the corporate Logo. Every corporate identity element must be coherent with the remaining ones, even more if we are dealing with such an important element as the Web site. Bearing this in mind, you may continue imagining your site. Having this in mind will prevent you from thinking on designs that have nothing to do with the company’s image, and this in turn will save you time.

Second, you should decide whether you want your site to sell products on line or not. E-commerce sites (the ones that sell online) are quite more expensive than those that do not sell. However, they provide greater economic benefits in the long term. Lastly,

You should have a more or less clear idea on how to divide your site. That is to say, if you whish to have a section devoted to the history of the company, if you want to classify products by type, etc.

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professional Web designDuring the process: you are, above all responsible for developing a pleasant, fluid and efficient relationship with the designer.

In this relationship, roles must be respected: you will not have to design and the designer will not make decisions on your behalf. When you first contact the designer, you have to tell him, as clearly as possible, what is it that you want for your site. He will tell what he thinks about it and will get down to work.

After a while, the designer will show you a sketch with the idea he has interpreted. If you approve it, you will have to tell him how to continue and put new ideas forward that will enrich the project. If you reject the presentation, you will have to explain, calmly, your reasons for rejecting it and you will have to try hard to make yourself understood. You will thus, nurture the relationship for it to bring good results.

Web design companiesAfter development (site finished):

After having concluded the development of the project, you will have to keep in touch with the designer for him to be able to, occasionally, modify the site either radically or through the addition of a new product or service. Obviously, the site will not be ready until it goes through the hand of the programmer who will translate images into programming codes that will turn them into a Web page.

There is also the interesting possibility of positioning the site with the aid of a SEO. We will deal with both the programmer and the SEO in section What other people should work with my site?

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